Modified 07 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

In a change that is rolling out to all over the next few weeks, Gmail users can now directly save attachments to Google Drive

The benefits of email in the cloud are numerous, until it comes to the thorny problem of attachments - to download or not to download, that is the question. But no more. Rolling out very soon is a rather wonderful feature from Google - attachments linked to Google Drive.

Users will now be able to view attachments and save files directly to Google Drive without ever leaving Gmail, making it easy to access them later from whatever device they are using. Once the update has reached your domain, when you open an email with an attachment you will see previews of the files at the bottom of the email, from photos and videos to spreadsheets and PDFs. When you click on one of those previews, a full-screen view of the image or document will appear. You can read, search for a particular phrase, and even browse through multiple attachments right in Gmail.

But it gets better. You will also be able to save your attachments directly to Drive simply by clicking the Drive button that appears when you hover over the preview. Of course, if you prefer to download the attachment to your computer, you canÔÇöjust click the arrow button.

This new attachment experience is available on desktop and will be rolling out over the next few weeks.