Modified 07 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

Google have introduced 4 new ways to improve your Google Forms.

Google Forms have always been a great feature of Google Apps, offering a simple way to collect and store data from your prospects, customers or staff.  Recently Google announced an update, with four new features to create even better forms: progress bars, data validation, embedded YouTube videos, and custom messages.

Progress bar: guide your respondent through a more complex form, giving an idea of how far through the form they are.

Data validation: ensure that the email addresses are formatted correctly, introduce maximum character levels, validate numbers, post codes and more.

Embed YouTube videos: embed a video into your form, great for feedback on a particular video.

Custom messages: after you’ve switched your form to “Not accepting responses,” you can now add your own message and instructions for follow up.

All in all it;'s a good update, allowing for the creation of ever more useful forms.