Modified 26 September 2017 by Kate Lagan

It started off as a throw away conversation over the coffee machine when one of us told another about a cool thing they’d discovered using Google Apps. It raised a smile and the idea to share tips and tricks about all things G Suite with the wider Google community.

Five years, a few hundred tips and nearly 20,000 subscribers later, we’re excited to be launching our brand new G Suite Tips site and Bulletin. The site is packed with tips, information, add-ons and some great new tools to help you get the most from G Suite.

And we don’t just look different on the outside, we’re different on the inside, because we’re now powered by OverDRIVE - a smart way to automatically create a website using selected files and folders from Google Drive. The site has been a breeze to build because it draws on the existing folders, where our tips already live, to give us a great looking site that we can collaboratively edit and easily maintain.

Take a look.