Modified 23 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

Another day, another useful Google update. Hangouts is now linked to your Global Address List

Google Hangouts is a great way to communicate throughout an organisation - whatever the size - or with external clients. With the new update from Google, it's now even easier to find the person you want to hang out with. The conversations you've recently had will still sit at the top of your Hangouts list, but start typing their name or email address and - just like the auto-complete feature in Gmail - a list of suggested names will appear to help you find who you`re looking for.

For administrators, new settings are available to customise the Hangouts features in an organisation. Admins can now choose to limit Hangout chat messages to being internal-only, set chat history to off by default and decide whether users within the domain can contact each other without sending or accepting formal invitations first. Video and audio chat can also be turned off across the organisation. It's a good time, therefore, to enable Hangouts if you are still using Google Chat.