Modified 07 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

Bringing to you some great new features for Hangouts in Gmail.

Hangouts in Gmail have recently introduced two new handy features, making it easier to find, connect and to know when your contacts are available to chat.

The majority of people have their favourite contacts in Hangouts, so to improve the functionality to find and connect with these people, they will now be displayed in a separate group as you start typing in the search box, making it easier to find your most frequently contacted friends and colleagues.

Also new to Hangouts is ‘Last seen’, this allows you to see when people using hangouts are available to chat, as recently timestamps have been added, which you can see next to your contacts name (last seen yesterday). Great for finding out who is ignoring you!!

This feature is now available on Hangouts in Gmail (gradual rollout), as well as on the latest versions of the Hangouts Android and iOS apps.