Modified 07 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

Google Drive now lets you quickly preview more than 30 file types easily and quickly flip between files until you find the one you want.

Currently available for the Rapid Release Track, coming soon for the Standard Track.

The new Preview mode will automatically open when a user clicks on an image file, video or PDF from a folder list, users are then able to scroll through the folder contents seeing files like a slideshow by clicking on the arrows on either side to flip to other files. Alternatively, clicking View All will open up a thumbnail view of all files with the folder. To see a preview of a Google document, right-click on the file name and select Preview.

Users can select and copy text from the new preview mode, even for a PDF or Microsoft Word document, or use the zoom buttons to see a file in more detail. Multiple page files can be read in preview. Each file preview also gives users one-click access to share, download, print or open a file for editing.