Modified 23 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

Google has announced the new Google Sheets are much more powerful, have no limitations and will work offline.

Great news from Google this week comes in the form of a blog post about the new Google Sheets. Titled "New Google Sheets: faster, more powerful, and works offline" the post includes a video which you can see below and some exciting details, including the news that there will be huge speed increases when working with large sheets, plus no more limitations on number of columns or cells.

The fact that Sheets will now work offline as well is great news that brings it into line with Google Docs and Slides. There are lots of other improvements as well, such as the simplification of formulas, the ability to set Filter Views and the fact that text in a cell will now overlap into other empty cells!

The new Sheets is available now on the Fast Track, but needs to be enabled in Drive Settings on the Editing tab. From then on, all new spreadsheets you create will work offline and include these new features. The reason you have to switch it on and it doesn't update existing Sheets soon becomes clear when Google lists what hasn't yet made it in to this new version. There are some pretty important features missing, for example notifications and protected sheets and ranges. Check out the full list of unsupported features, it may be too soon for you to make the switch just yet.

All in all though, exciting times for Google Sheet users on the horizon!