Modified 07 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

Google Docs is loved by many people because it’s so easy to work together in one place, rather than editing and sharing feedback by emailing around multiple versions of the same document. But sometimes you’d simply prefer that others make suggestions that you can accept or reject later.

Now in Google Docs, any user with "Can comment" access to a document can use the new Suggested Edits feature.

How it works: The suggested edits will appear in the document along with a comment explaining the edit. Users with "Can edit" permission can accept or reject those suggested edits. Users with "Can view" access cannot see suggested edits (until they’re accepted). Viewers will also no longer be able to see regular comments, which is a change from previous behaviour.

Suggested Edits is available now for Google Docs on the web, and is coming soon to the  mobile apps.