Modified 07 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

Our thoughts on whether you should continue to use Outlook when switching to Google Apps.

YouÔÇÖve moved to Google Apps for Business (or maybe Education) for all the benefits that the global cloud service provides: collaboration, accessibility, availability and to reduce the cost and complexity of your in-house IT infrastructure. Many of your users will prefer to switch to using Gmail on the web, because they're already used to using it for home/school/past job. But what about the die-hard Outlook users?

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook ("GASMO") is a small plugin that connects and syncs Outlook with your Google mail/contacts/calendar/tasks, and requires minimal configuration (email address and password). Its only downside is that it creates a divide in your organisation between those that do and don't. Should you encourage or even allow your users to stay with Outlook? Here are the pros and cons of using GASMO versus embracing the Google's services on the cloud:

Stay with Outlook

  • Familiar user interface - minimises re-training and short-term support
  • Compatible with existing plugins and apps that integrate with Outlook

Embrace Gmail

  • Reduce your software footprint/dependency/costs
  • Lower bandwidth (attachments stay on the web until you need them)
  • Same mail application from anywhere and any device
  • Your browser is your operating system (or smartphone/tablet)
  • Use powerful Gmail-only features:
  • Priority Inbox
  • Chat
  • Voice
  • Filters
  • Drive integration
  • Integrate with other cloud apps like Capsule CRM, Rapportive