Modified 15 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

Here's a power-tip for busy bosses and in demand staff. With appointment slots you can designate specific days and times where your colleagues can book appointments and meetings.

This is a simple but little known tip which can have a big impact for people with busy schedules who want to enable their staff or colleagues to book meetings with them.

Go to your calendar and in Week view or Day view click anywhere on the grid and notice the Appointment slots text in the pop-up bubble.

Clicking on Appointment slots shows the details available to define slots

  • What: appointment slot title
  • Calendar drop-down: Select the calendar to use
  • Type: Use Radio buttons to select either:
  • Offer as a single appointment:
  • Split into smaller slots: multiple appointments in the block of time, then select the duration (in minutes) for each appointment.

Now you can click Create slots to create them or alternatively click on Edit details >> which opens the appointment slots details page and gives you the option to add more details (location, description, guests) and also to create repeat appointment slots.

The appointment slots details page also shows a URL to This calendar's appointment page which can be shared with your colleagues.

Appointment slots can be used with publicly shared calendars although a user needs a valid Google login account in order to be able to make a booking.

Give it a try in your Google Calender and post your comments below.