Modified 08 November 2019 by Ian Weatherhogg

Use the advanced features in Google Calendar to schedule group meetings

Google Calendar has two powerful features to help you identify when your colleagues are available when scheduling a meeting.

These features require that you have access to your attendees calendars, typically these will be your work colleagues (within your Google for Work domain) but can also include anyone who has shared a calendar with you.

The first option is to use Suggested times which we have previously published a Tip for:

View available meeting times with Google Calendar

The second feature is Find a time

Note: The Find a time feature is only accessible via the web app, not the mobile Calendar apps.

To access Find a time in Google Calendar

  • Create a new event, or edit an existing event
  • Add some guests in the Guests tab
  • If the other guests' calendars are shared with you, you'll see their schedules.
  • Click the Find a time tab.
  • The calendars of your attendees will be displayed
  • The Day view is the default, select Week to see a week view
  • Use the arrows at the top to navigate between days/weeks
  • To select a time, click the area within the calendar grid.
  • The day and time will update for the event

Beware All-day events:

  • All-day events are shown at the top of the calendar grid.
  • If a guest has an all-day event, they will appear available in the "Find a time" tab unless their event is set to show as "Busy."
  • To schedule an all-day event, click the Week button and then click the area at the top of a day column.