Modified 22 February 2021 by Eugen Plesa

If you are running a public event using Google Calendar, you might want to keep the guest list private so only you (the admin) can see who’s invited and the responses from your guests.


Here’s how you can hide the guest list:

  1. Once you’ve created the event, click on the “Edit event” pencil.



  1. In the event settings, untick “See guest list” from the Guest permissions section.


  1. Click the Save button at the top right of the page.


For events with more than 100 guests, the guest list is automatically hidden no matter what the organizer's selection is. Also, people who have permission to edit your calendar will be able to view the guest list.


Please note that if your Calendar event includes a Google Meet room, the guests will be able to see who’s present during the call, although only their names and profile pictures will be visible.