Modified 24 August 2018 by Kate Lagan

With this handy tip, you can generate a new template from a standard event in your G Suite Calendar.

This method utilises the publish feature in a G Suite Calendar event and takes advantage of the “on the web” nature of G Suite.

Watch our video guide to get full details, here’s some notes to help you remember how to do it:

  1. In Calendar on the web, Create a new event
  2. Fill in some details and give the event a Title, Date, Time, Guests, Description etc.
  3. Save it, the Open it again
  4. Use the Publish event link at the very bottom of the event page
  5. Copy the link shown in the pop-up box 

That copied Link/URL can then be used to create and modify a new event based on those details.

Simply update the Date & Time and any other details and Save it.

You could add the Link/URL as a Bookmark in Chrome so that you can easily access it and create a new event based on this “Template”.