Modified 07 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

Need to see just one Google Calendar? Use this tip and Google Apps script.

Google Calendar is very good at showing events from any calendar you have access to, but if you have a lot of colleagues all sharing their calendar with you, your calendar view can get very busy. Instead of struggling with turning off calendars and switching them on again, use this tip to open a single calendar.

  • Go to settings by hovering over your calendar name in the left menu and choosing Settings from the drop down. On the Calendar Details tab there is a HTML icon in the Embed this Calendar section, click on it to bring up the HTML link to your calendar. This link never changes so you can bookmark it and always have access to just your calendar. You can do the same for any calendar you have access to.

If you like this tip, why not use this new Google Apps script we have written to store a list of your calendars with hyperlinks. The script is called CalendarList and, as with all apps-scripts you will need to grant it permission to access your calendar. The script produces a list of all calendars you have added to your Google Calendar, with links to open each one separately. Open CalendarList apps-script.

Switch off all colleagues calendars

You can switch off colleagues calendars one by one by clicking on the coloured square next to their name, but it's a bit long winded if you need to switch them all off at the same time. Instead, hover over your calendar name in the left hand menu and click on the down arrow. Choose Display only this calendar. All other calendars will be switched off and you'll be able to see only your meetings. The main drawback using this method is how to switch the calendars back on, we wish Google has a similar Display all calendars or allowed you to set favourites, but this feature is not currently available. Instead, consider this workaround:

  • Go into calendar settings - you must do this via the Cog > Settings - and choose Calendars. This shows you a list of all your colleagues calendars and you can click on all under Show in list to instantly switch them all back on, or tick the ones you want to switch on again.

Let us know how you get on, and which solution works for you, via the comments.