Keep on top of your scheduling and manage resources better with Google Calendar Tips

Modified 12 June 2017 by Kate (Smith) Lagan

Here’s 3 ways in which emojis come in very handy in the workplace and help your important files, chats and meetings stand out.


Everyone loves an emoji, so follow the simple steps below and start making your events stand out from the rest.

Calendar and Files

  • Open the Calendar event or Google Drive file you want to insert your emoji
  • Click here for a list of emojis
  • Click on the emoji you want and press Ctrl + C (Windows & Chromebooks) or Command-C (Apple)
  • Simply go to your Calendar event or file and press Ctrl + V (Windows & Chromebooks) or Command-V (Apple)
  • If it’s a Calendar event, click Save

Hangout Chats:

  • Select your group hangout chat 
  • Click on the 3 dots in the green panel in the top right and select Options
  • You will see the title of your hangout chat and on the right of the text box you will see a smiley icon.
  • Click on the icon and select your emoji to insert into the title
  • When you’re happy, Click OK