Modified 07 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

The Quick Add feature in Calendar can convert what you write into an event; with subject, date, time and even guests.

If you need to quickly add an event, or you don't like filling out forms, use the Quick Add feature and describe the event in text form. Google Calendar will figure out what you mean and add the event for you - especially if you use some of the tricks below.

To use Quick Add, click on the down arrow next to the Create button. To add an event, consider what, where, when, and who (to create a simple event only what and when are required) that make up most events. For example if you type Calendar Tips meeting at Office at 5pm with Ian an event will be created for you at 5pm for an hour (unless you specify an end time or duration) with the venue as Office. You can also add an email address using with to invite a guest - Calendar Tips meeting at Office at 5pm with

Things to Consider

  • If you enter a time with no date, Quick Add will create the event on the earliest date that puts the event in the future
  • If you do not enter a start time or end time, Quick Add will create an All Day event
  • You can specify start and end times using either time ranges or time intervals eg 2.30 - 3.15 or for 45 minutes
  • Multi-day events can be specified using date ranges eg 10/7 - 12/7
  • Recurring events can be added using repeats or every eg Tips meeting every Thursday for 10 weeks or Tips meeting repeats monthly for 12 months