Modified 07 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg


For Chrome users, giving or receiving support remotely over the Internet has never been easier.

Chrome Remote Desktop is available as an app in Chrome, on Android and since January 2015 on iOS too. It enables a user to remotely access one computer from another over the Internet.

Once installed as a Chrome app via the Chrome Web Store a user (signed into their Google account) wishing to receive support can simply invoke the app and accept any authorisation requests.

Next select the Share option in the Remote Assistance section and it will generate and display an access code.

The access code can be shared to the person giving remote assistance who can enter it when prompted after they click on the Access option in the app in their Chrome Session.

Once the access code has been entered correctly by the user giving remote assistance the connection will be made and they will have a new window showing the share’s desktop. The sharer will be prompted to allow access. You can click Stop sharing or press Ctrl+Alt+Esc (Mac: Opt-Ctrl-Esc) at any time to end the session.


Windows, Mac, Chromebooks and Linux