Modified 07 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

A summary of some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for the Google Chrome browser.

Using the Chome browser can be significantly improved by remembering these useful keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl-D Bookmark the current page

Ctrl-F Open the find text box - allows you to search any page for words or phrases

Ctrl-H Open the history tab

Ctrl-J Open the downloads tab

Ctrl-L Highlight the Omnibox (top address bar)

Ctrl-N Open a new window (press shift whilst doing this to open an incognito window)

Ctrl-R Reload or refresh the current tab

Ctrl-T Open a new tab

Ctrl-U View page source (useful for SEO or viewing HTML of a page)

Ctrl-W Close the current tab

Ctrl-Tab Move to next open tab

Ctrl-page up / Ctrl-page down Navigate tabs

Ctrl-1; Ctrl-2; Ctrl-3 etc Switch to tab number 1, 2, 3 and upwards

Ctrl-+ / Ctrl- - / Ctrl-0 Zoom in / Zoom out / return to 100%

F11 Turn full screen on / off