Modified 25 November 2020 by Eugen Plesa

If you have a lot of tabs open on a regular basis, you have probably noticed that some of your older tabs have to reload before you can use them again. This happens because of a Chrome feature that “discards” any tabs you haven’t used for some time, in order to save memory and prevent the browser or even your PC or Mac from running slow.


Sometimes this feature can cause issues for some web applications such as Chat, since you expect those tabs to run in the background by default and send you notifications for key events. However, once the Automatic tab discarding feature has suspended a tab, some notifications will also be silenced.


Here’s how you can see more information about discarded tabs and stop Chrome from putting your tabs to sleep.


  1. Open the Discards panel by typing  chrome://discards/ in the address bar

Here you can see if the feature has been triggered for any of your currently open tabs.

  1. On the left side of the table, you can see the Auto Discardable option. If you want to ensure a specific tab will not be discarded, click on the toggle button to remove the checkmark ✔.

In this example, the first tab has a checkmark, which means Chrome is allowed to discard it, while the second tab has an ❌, which indicates that the tab will remain active no matter what.


It’s important to note that this change only applies to that instance of the tab, not the website domain or the exact URL. Next time you open the same URL in a new tab, the Auto Discardable feature will be set back to ON (✔) by default. Currently, there is no option to completely disable the Automatic tab discarding feature.


If you can’t see this feature, make sure your Chrome browser is up to date.