Modified 16 October 2020 by Eugen Plesa

Tab Groups allows you to organize Chrome tabs using a colour-coded labelling system. Make sure you are running the latest version of the browser before getting started.


How to use Tab Groups in Google Chrome

Open a few tabs and then right click on a tab and select 'Add to a new group". The coloured circle, which appears on the left side of the tab, represents the group you’ve just created. You can now name it and change its colour.


The easiest way to add more tabs to the group is by dragging them over. Alternatively, you can right click on a tab and select "Add to existing tab" from the contextual menu. To collapse a group, just click on its name.


To remove a tab from a group, follow a similar method. Drag the tab away from the group or right click and choose "Remove from group". You will find more options to manage groups when you right click on them.


Please note that this feature might see a few changes before it's final release or it might even disappear from future updates. Make sure you subscribe to our monthly bulletin and we’ll keep you updated.