Modified 25 April 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

If you have just closed a tab by mistake or need to re-visit a recently closed website do not panic - all is not lost.

Have you ever wished you hadn't just closed that Google Chrome browser tab? Get it back by right-clicking in the tab bar and selecting Reopen closed tab from the menu or by clicking Ctrl+Shift+T.

You can also find a list of recently closed tabs in the Settings menu. Click on the 3 horizontal line icon top right and choose Recent tabs.

Finally, if you always want to start where you left off last time when opening Chrome, go to Settings by clicking on the far right icon (3 horizontal lines) and choose Settings from the menu. In the On Start-Up section choose Continue where I left off then close the tab. Next time you open Chrome you will get the open tabs from your last browsing session. 
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