Modified 07 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg


Disable auto-play of multi-media content when surfing the web

Stop videos and adverts auto-playing in your Chrome Browser.

One of the major annoyances when surfing the web is multi-media content such as videos and adverts auto-playing in a browser window.

Whilst 3rd party extensions like ad-blockers can be added Chrome itself has simple yet powerful ways to give you control over what plays and how.

Within the Advanced Chrome Settings you can disable auto-playing of all multi-media content or even disable specific plug-ins.

To disable auto-playing multi-media content:

From the main settings menu in Chrome (“Hamburger Menu” top Right)

  • Open Settings
  • Select +Show advanced settings
  • Select Content settings

Scroll to Plug-ins and

  • Default is Run Automatically
  • Select Click to play

Broken Web Page Elements

Note that when you disable auto-play and select click-to-play video players and similar content will appear “broken” within a web page unless/until you click them.

Further Advanced

You can optionally disable individual plug-ins for a specific media type:

  • Click: Disable individual plug-ins…
  • Select the appropriate setting for a given plug-in

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