Modified 20 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg


Take control of the Bookmarks Toolbar by selecting when to show it.

Chrome users can make use of the slick bookmarks (sometimes called favourites in other browsers) feature built into the Chrome browser.

By default the Bookmarks Toolbar is only shown on a New Tab page.

If you prefer to see the Bookmarks Toolbar all the time you can toggle it to be always visible.

This can be achieved via the Chrome settings menu (top right of Chrome) Bookmarks > Show bookmarks bar.

Alternatively you can simply Right-Click on the Toolbar itself and select the Show bookmarks bar option.

There is also a keyboard Shortcut: ctrl-shift-b (Mac: Apple-Shift-B)

When you sign in to Google using a Chrome profile and enable Synchronisation, all of your bookmarks will be backed up to Google's servers and be available to you on all your computers and devices where you are signed into that profile.

See our tip Sign in to Google Chrome to sync your bookmarks and settings