Browse faster and smarter with Chrome insider tips and tricks!

Modified 15 June 2018 by Ian Weatherhogg

Snap your windows like a pro when working on a Chromebook with these techniques.

Most operating systems offer the ability to “snap a window” - e.g. by dragging it to one side of the screen to create a 50% sized window.

Chrome OS follows these conventions but also has some unique tricks of its own.

Watch our video for a guide and here are some handy hints to remind you:

  • Drag to the side and release for a 50% sized window docked to the side
  • Drag to the side and hold (for a couple of seconds) for a thin column docked to the side
  • With 2x 50% windows side-by-side, roll over the middle then see the pop up slider which enables you to resize both windows
  • Use ALT + [ to dock a window to the left
  • Use ALT + ] to dock a window to the right.
  • Long-click (click and hold) on the window resize button (between the minimize and close buttons at the top)
  • See the two arrows to the left and right.
  • Drag over either one and release.
  • The window will snap to that side