Contacts is integrated with Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and other Google products so you can do more with this online address book. Take a look at the Tips and tricks.

Modified 05 April 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg


These quick work arounds enable you to open Google Contacts in a new tab or window so you can work in Contacts and Gmail at the same time.

If you want to work in Google Contacts and Gmail at the same time, it can often be a bit annoying that the main Contacts link opens in the same tab or window as Gmail. There isn't a right-click "open in new window option" and pressing Ctrl whilst clicking doesn't work either. So we thought it would be useful to summarise your options - and add a few tips for good measure.

The most obvious way to open Contacts is to click on the More link in the Universal Navigation bar and select Contacts - this does open in a new tab.

Alternatively, if you like working with bookmarks, add your Contacts page as a Bookmark. Then each time you want to open Contacts, do it from your Bookmarks.

You can set up a Google Contacts bookmark without being in Gmail, and without having the Chat window or any left hand menu items clutter your desktop. Visit the url and you'll open up a page that is just your Contacts - the tab will also have a nice Contacts icon to help you when switching between tabs. If you use this method you can also set up an application shortcut which will enable you to pin Contacts to the taskbar or add a shortcut to your desktop or Start Menu. To add an application shortcut, click on the Chrome spanner icon and choose Tools > Create application shortcuts.

There is also a work around using the excellent lab, Quick Links. Turn on the Quick Links lab (you will see a new box in the left hand menu), visit your Contacts page and click the "Add Quick Link" in the box - name the link "Contacts". Now you have a useful quick link to your Contacts page, and this one does have an option to right click and open in new tab or window!