Modified 07 November 2019 by Ian Weatherhogg


Add a description to your doc or file, improving the search process and differentiating the file to others in the same folder or with a similar subject.

Adding a description to your doc or any file within Google Drive is easy and makes finding documents simpler and faster.

To add a description to your file, click once on the document making sure the i in the panel is selected and a preview menu will display on the right hand side. Make sure ‘Details’ is selected and when you scroll down you will see ‘Add a description’. Click on the pencil icon and a description.

Another way you can add a description to a file is right clicking on the file, click preview in the menu and then click the i which will bring up the details in the right hand column. Then simply click the pencil and add your description.

When you search for this file in Drive, Google will use any descriptions you have added to narrow down the search.