Modified 30 April 2020 by Eugen Plesa

Add a watermark to your Google Docs to indicate their state (draft, confidential, etc.) or to personalize them with your company's logo. Although Google Docs doesn't offer an official solution for those who wish to add a watermark to their documents, there is a method to overcome this limitation using only G Suite products.

Here's how to create a watermark for Google Docs and then add it to documents:

  1. Start a new Drawing
  2. Go to Insert and select Image
  3. Add your logo or any other image you wish to use as a watermark
  4. Resize and centre the image

  1. Go to Format Options and select Adjustments
  2. Increase the Transparency, just so your text would be visible over the image

  1. Create a Text Box and place it over the image
  2. Insert the text of your document. Make sure the font size is a few points larger than what you would normally use.

  1. Start a new Document and Insert > Drawing from Drive
  2. Insert the drawing you have just created as Linked to source

To edit the text, open Linked drawing options (top right of the drawing) and select Open source. Then edit the text inside the text box, return to the doc and click Update.

Although this workaround can be tedious for large documents, it’s currently the easiest way to add a watermark to Google Docs.