Make Google Docs work harder for you with these tips

Modified 24 October 2018 by Lucy Taylor

The Explore feature in Google Docs and Slides makes it simple to search for Google Drive files related to whatever you’re currently working on

With the latest feature, all users can view images and charts in those files, from within the Explore panel and insert them quickly and easily into their document or slide.

  1. Look for the Explore icon situated at the bottom right-hand side
  2. Open Explore within your Google Document or Slide
  3. Use the search bar to search for a document, presentation, image, chart, or webpage. Search results will show in categories: Cloud Search, Web and Images.
  4. To add an image or chart: select the item you want to add > click anywhere on the image or chart > click Insert. Or simply hover over the image and click + (Insert Image).