Modified 03 April 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

Use this simple tip to display a Google document as a web page using OverDRIVE.

If you want to display a Google doc on a web page, you can use the built-in Publish to the web function from the Google Docs File menu. This turns your doc into an automatically updating web page which is publicly available - or you can limit the access to users on a certain domain.

Alternatively you can use OverDRIVE to take it further and create a single-page website from your Google doc, branded with your logo and company colours. Using the OverDRIVE application, once you have created a website, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the page on which you want to embed your document.
  • From the User Menu dropdown (person icon top right) choose Page Settings
  • On the General tab set the Page Name you want to use TIP: You can use your document title as the page name.
  • If you wish to, you can also Hide Sub Nav and Breadcrumb bar
  • In the Embed tab choose the Content Type: Google Drive.
  • Choose the doc you wish to embed.
  • Set the options, such as Preserve Formatting - useful if you wish to keep any coloured font or bold text from your doc - or Hide Title / Heading paragraph styling.
  • If your doc has tables, bring them to life with stripes or use sort and filter options.

Click Save and your web page is created.

Enhance it further by:

  • Adding your logo and corporate colours
  • Allow users to edit the doc within OverDRIVE
  • Embedding additional docs or spreadsheets on separate pages
  • Using Google Analytics to track visitors

About OverDRIVE

OverDRIVE automatically generates a workspace or web portal using folders, documents and data from Google Drive. It syncs information from and to Drive – so any folders or files you create using OverDRIVE will be synced back to Drive. You can share this website with your colleagues, consultants or anyone with a Google account.

Visit to find out more or set up a free 2 user OverDRIVE site and link it to your Google Drive account.