Modified 03 April 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

Here’s a handy tip to embed a YouTube video in a Google doc.

We are often asked how to embed a YouTube video in a Google Document. The short answer is “you can’t” - but try this workaround, which is almost as effective.

  • Take a screenshot of the YouTube video
  • Paste the screenshot into your document using ctrl-v or Insert --> Image
  • Option - Add a Play icon
    - Open a Google Drawing in your doc using Insert --> Drawing
    - Paste the screenshot into the drawing
    - Find a suitable “play icon” in Google images or draw a simple arrow
    - Press Save & Close to insert the Drawing into your Google Doc
  • Select the image and right click; choose Link from the menu
  • Paste in the YouTube link
  • Now your collaborators can see a YouTube video, complete with a play button!

And with OverDRIVE, you can take this a step further...

You can use the Dashboard plugin to create a simple web page from a Google Doc containing YouTube videos - and each one will play on screen! See the video below to find out how. 


About OverDRIVE

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If you’re using Google Apps then OverDRIVE is a smart way to deliver ECM. OverDRIVE automatically generates a workspace or web portal using folders, documents and data from Google Drive. It syncs information from and to Drive – so any folders or files you create using OverDRIVE will be synced back to Drive. You can share this website with your colleagues, consultants or anyone with a Google account.

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