Modified 28 October 2020 by Eugen Plesa

You can send Google Docs as attachments without having to open Gmail. Here’s how to share any Google Doc via email with colleagues or people from outside your organization.


  1. Open the document you want to send via email
  2. Click on the File menu
  3. Go to Email and choose Email as an attachment. This is the recommended option if you want to share the document with external contacts, without giving them permission to edit the content.

It also converts the document into more accessible formats such as PDF, Rich Text, Open document, HTML, Microsoft Word, or Plain Text, so it doesn’t matter if the recipient is a Google Docs/Google Workspace user or not.

Note: If you are sharing the document with people from your organization, it’s recommended that you use the Share feature, as it gives you more flexibility over the editing permissions and also allows you to share it with Groups.


  1. Enter the email address(es), add a message if you wish and choose the preferred format.

Other options include:

Send yourself a copy - enabling this will send you a copy of the email with the document attached.

Don't attach. Include content in the email - this feature will copy the content of the document and send it as a regular email message, without any files attached.

  1. Click Send