Modified 24 August 2018 by Kate Lagan

Take control of your G Suite file versions with this update to Revision history 

We love the ability to access and restore from the Google File formats Revision history feature, see our earlier tip: USE REVISION HISTORY IN GOOGLE FILES

Now you can create Named Versions to help you and your colleagues keep track of the various stages in a file’s lifecycle.

For example you might use names like:

  • Draft 1
  • Draft 2
  • Ready for Review
  • Ready for Print

Some organisations may wish to use this with very formal naming conventions whilst others might use less formal yet still meaningful labels.

To access this feature on your computer, open a document, spreadsheet or slide set.

  1. At the top, click File and then Version history and then See version history.
  2. In the right panel, click a timestamp to see an earlier version of a file.
  3. To name a version, click More actions,  More and then Name this version.

It’s simple, but great if you need to jump back to a previous version.