Modified 03 April 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

Type, edit & format your Google Docs using your voice.

As we get more used to speaking to virtual assistants in our mobile devices and now appliances like Google Home, we can also explore the voice interface built into Google Docs.

Voice typing is available in Docs via the Tools menu.

  • It requires your computer’s Mic to be working and enabled
  • A huge range of languages are supported, so it's a tool everyone can use
  • English speakers are spoiled with options for English (Australia), English (Canada), English (India), English (Ireland), English (New Zealand), English (Philippines), English (South Africa), English (UK), English (US)

There are voice commands for just about everything you would want to do:

  • Add and edit tables
  • Commands to open help
  • Edit your document
  • Format your document
  • Move around your document
  • Resume voice typing
  • Select text
  • Stop voice typing

Watch the video below and have a try yourself.