Modified 07 November 2019 by Ian Weatherhogg


In Drive you can easily add files to multiple folders

Adding a file to multiple folders

Working in a given folder we can locate the file we wish to add to another folder.

  • Single-Click on the file to select it.
  • See the Details View and note the file’s location
  • With the file still selected issue a SHIFT-Z (holding down the Shift key and pressing Z)
  • This opens the Add To dialogue and allows you to choose the folder you wish to add the selected file to
  • Click the Blue Add button to add the file to the chosen folder
  • See the Details View and note the file now has 2 locations for the file

More Advanced

  • You can work on multiple files at the same time by selecting them together and following the Add To method.
  • Files can have many multiple locations (not just 2).
  • As with any advanced method this needs to be used carefully to avoid confusion.
  • With the Add to method there is still only a single version of the file so a deletion from any of its locations results in a deleted file “everywhere”.
  • To remove a file from a single location click on the X next to that location in the details view.