Modified 12 December 2019 by Eugen Plesa

Have you ever needed to bulk change the ownership of selected files in Drive, rather than transfer ownership of absolutely everything to another account?


When you create or upload a file to your Google Drive, you are the owner of it by default and if you want to, you can share files with others one by one.  However, sometimes you may want to transfer the ownership of a large number of files and folders, for example if someone leaves your organisation.

This can be a laborious task, especially since Google Drive only currently offers an all or nothing option to transfer ownership of files to another account, so the G Suite Tips team have created a tool that allows you to change the ownership of multiple files at the same time.


Change Owner lets you change the ownership of a large number of files and folders with just a few clicks. All you have to do is select the top level folder and specify the new owner, Hit ‘Process’. Job done!

You can access the Change Owner tool by clicking this link.