Modified 07 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

A quick tip if you need to know how many files are in a folder in Google Drive - and it also shows you how many of each type you have.

To find out how many items there are in a folder in your Google Drive account, select the folder and click on the More button - or right click the folder - then choose Download. The Download pop-up box will appear and Google Drive will count the number of files in the folder - as a bonus it will even break down the items by type. Then simply cancel the download.

Count the number of files in a list

If you want to count the number of files in a list, there is also a way - but use it carefully. Select all the files in the list by using the top tick box then carefully start to move the files (it may be a good idea to keep ctrl pressed in case you accidentally drag the files to another folder) - don't move them anywhere, just enough to see the tool tip display that tells you how many files you are "moving" or "adding".

It can be frustrating that Google Drive doesn't show a count of documents in a folder or list, especially since they can obviously do it, but hopefully these workarounds will be a solution until the feature is introduced. Let us know how you get on with them tip in the Comments section below.