Modified 03 April 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

Give your Google folders the attention they deserve. With OverDRIVE you can create a website in under 5 minutes using selected files and folders from Google Drive.

If you’re working on a project and have a dedicated folder in Google Drive, why not bring these files to life with OverDRIVE? You can create a website style page and be able to view and display your files in many different ways, including; a blog, dashboard and you can even create a digital asset store where you can easily filter through images.

  • To create your OverDRIVE site, simply select your folder in Google Drive, remember the subfolders within your main folder will be used as the menu items and any files within these folders will be shown in the drop down menus.  
  • Right click or for those using a Mac press Ctrl and click on your chosen folder and select open with.


  •  If you don’t already have OverDRIVE installed, click ‘+ Connect more Apps’, this will open a pop up box saying ‘Connect apps to Drive’.
  • In the search bar top right, search and click connect.
  • You will see a pop up saying OverDRIVE was connected to Google Drive, click ok.
  • When you now go back to your selected Google Drive folder, right click/Ctrl and click and select open with, you will be able to open with OverDRIVE, creating a website within minutes using your selected files and folders.

We recommend taking a look at the OverDRIVE demo site, where you can take a tour and see what’s possible with OverDRIVE.

Or you can register here for your free OverDRIVE site.

OverDRIVE is free for up to 2 users, so it’s great for small teams and evaluation. If you want to invite more users and use it across a bigger team it’s only $5 a month per user and  if you’re a university, college or school OverDRIVE is free for students.