Modified 10 September 2018 by Ian Weatherhogg

Use the OverDRIVE application to create multiple folders or Google files in Google Drive

In Drive it isn’t possible to create multiple new folders so it’s a painful manual task if, for example, you need a folder for each of 20 people in a team.

OverDRIVE is a great way to display Drive content quickly and easily on a website, but did you also know it’s also a great way to add content to Drive? The 2-way sync with Drive means any content added to OverDRIVE is instantly displayed in your Drive folder.

Unlike Drive, where you can only create a single folder or file, with OverDRIVE you can create multiple folders or files - of multiple types - in one create dialog. So, if you’ve ever sat in front of your computer creating multiple folders or files one by one in Drive, remember OverDRIVE is your friend. Simply fire up a new or existing site, link it to the Drive folder you are working in, select the + icon and sit back whilst your files are created - in one action.

Here’s how:

  • Once you’ve set up your OverDRIVE site and selected a root folder you’ll see your sub folders (if you have any) across the top menu.
  • Visit the folder you wish to add multiple folders to and choose the + icon on the breadcrumb bar
  • Choose New Files/Folders
  • In the pop up window paste or type a list of names - one per line and choose the File Type: Folder
  • Click Create.
  • OverDRIVE will create the folders and sync the changes to Google Drive.
  • You can click the Green + button to add a new Type - so in one action you can create multiple new folders and docs or sheets!

There you have it - an easy way to add multiple folders, Docs, Sheets or Slides to Google Drive.

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