Modified 13 August 2018 by Ian Weatherhogg

Discover how you can embed more than just files and folders from Google Drive. Transforming your Drive files into powerful web pages, automatically.

Embedding files and folders from Google Drive is what OverDRIVE does best. It transforms your Drive files into powerful web pages, automatically. To bring rich content into your site or project workspace, simply choose the Drive content type from the Page Settings menu in OverDRIVE and select a suitable file.

You might not know this but you can also pull other types of G Suite content into the site to create functional web pages in minutes. With a few clicks you can embed the following:

  • Google Calendar - OverDRIVE allows any number of calendars to be displayed on the same page. This works very well for project or team calendars, where you need to highlight upcoming events to a selected audience.
  • Google Forms - Google Forms are a great way for people to interact with you. Any submitted forms are automatically sent to a corresponding secure spreadsheet and you can receive notifications when a new submission has been made.
  • Maps - This example shows a custom Google Map with various office locations throughout the world. Any additional information can be displayed for each location, such as contact details or asset information.
  • Dashboard/YouTube Videos - OverDRIVE`s Dashboard embed allows you to embed all sorts of content - from YouTube videos to graphs, news feeds and more. In this example each dashlet has a YouTube link within the Google doc. With this info OverDRIVE dynamically creates a "video wall" allowing users to watch any video within the page.

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