Modified 19 February 2020 by Eugen Plesa

Find what you need using Priority & Workspaces in Drive!

The Priority page in Google Drive will help you stay focused and find the files you need much quicker. That’s why it’s up there as one of our top features (as well as the amazing search functionality!).

There are two sections in Priority, the top section will surface the files that are most relevant to you right now. These machine-learning-powered suggestions are based on various signals from your activity. For example, files you have access to may appear here if they have been edited or commented on. It could simply surface files you use regularly or files attached to upcoming meetings.

The second section of Priority is for Workspaces…

Workspaces are a private place you can collect shortcuts links to the files you use the most. You can put shortcuts to files in your My Drive and various Shared Drives or Shared with me.  All the files in Priority are links to the original files stored in Drive which will save you time searching or clicking through folders to find them.

Guest tip by Lauren Hughes at CloudShed.