Modified 15 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

This tip reduces the need for Drive and boosts performance whilst conserving battery power on a Chromebook or laptop.

The Drive web app can be demanding when running in a Chrome tab, especially when utilising offline mode. As an alternative when you need to locate a document you can find it via Gmail search.

Originally introduced as a Lab feature in 2010 Docs & Sites search - knows as Apps Search - is now baked in to Gmail’s search system and helps you rapidly locate a doc without having to leave your Gmail tab.

Gmail search quickly finds all types of files stored within your Drive without the need to open a Drive tab.

In the search string you can include file names, file types and content from within the document which has all been indexed by Drive and is available to the Gmail search.

At the foot of the search results you can click on Show only Docs and Sites results to toggle between displaying email results and only Docs and Sites.

When you’re using a Chromebook or laptop on battery power this is another tactic to help reduce power consumption and prolong battery life. Running on mains power this approach can help you reduce the number of tabs open and ensure you optimise memory utilisation.

If you are using Google Apps for Business, your Google Administrator will need to enable this feature in the control panel, by visiting Google Apps --> Gmail and choosing to enable Apps Search, for the domain or an Organisation unit.

Put this tip to the test and let us know how you get on in the comments section below.