Modified 07 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

This powerful feature enables users to put a time limit on shares of items in Google Drive.

  • Within Google Drive access the sharing settings for a selected file or folder.
  • This can be for a single item or many items selected together
  • Right-Click on a file in the Drive view
  • Also available via the Share button in a Docs/Sheets/Slides etc. editor
  • A drop down menu will appear, within the drop down, click Share
  • The Sharing settings window will pop-up
  • Click on the Advanced option (lower right corner of the pop-up-window) or you can click on the names of the shared with people.
  • With your mouse rollover a user listed with sharing rights
  • An icon of an Stopwatch will emerge (in pale grey)
  • Click the Stopwatch icon to reveal the Expiry dialogue
  • Here you can select the number of days until the sharing rights are removed, simply choose from the following:
  • 7 days
  • 30 days
  • Custom date… (allows you to select a date)
  • Cancel expiry
  • Once you have made your selection click the blue Save changes button (bottom left)


Users with sharing rights with an expiry already set show the Alarm Clock icon in the Sharing settings window Advanced section. Simply rollover the icon to reveal the expiry setting.

For users with Edit rights on a file require that you reduce their level of access (to Comment or View) in order to set an expiry date.