Modified 21 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg


If you use Google Forms regularly, email the forms to yourself or your users and use an email label for easy access.

Whether it's a sales admin form to record customer enquiries or a HR form to book annual leave, using a Google Form is a great way to gather and store information. Since most of your time is spent in your inbox, here's an excellent tip to store forms in Gmail.

  • Find or create your spreadsheet and form
  • To email your form either:
  • In the main menu of your spreadsheet choose Form --> Send Form
  • From the form editor choose the Email this Form button from the top bar
  • In either case choose the users to email the form to and make sure that Include form in the email is ticked
  • Once the user receives the email they then have the form and can submit it as many times as they like - each time the email is opened it will be blank
  • For easy access, create a label Forms and drag it onto the email

If you are using the Lab Quick Links, you could also add a quick link to your form, simply open the email and choose Add Quick Link. For more info on the Quick Links lab see this tip.

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