Modified 20 August 2020 by Eugen Plesa

Duplicating folders in Google Drive can be a tedious task since Google Drive doesn’t include this feature by default. Fortunately, we have created a tool that helps you copy a folder and all its contents with just a few clicks.

The Copy Folder tool will create an exact copy of an existing Google Drive folder structure and optionally the files within.

To get started, open the Copy Folder tool and check the Guidance notes before you get going.

Log in using your Google Account.

Once you have logged in you will be able to select the folder that you want to copy as well as the destination folder. Make sure you give the new folder a distinctive name.

Optionally you can also copy the files contained in the source folder. If you wish to copy only the folder structure, leave the Copy files option unchecked.

Now it’s time to preview the results before finishing the process.

Click the Preview button and wait for the results in the Activity box.

If everything looks fine, go ahead and press the Go button to start copying the folder.

Done! Now you can check your Google Drive to find the folder you’ve just duplicated.

If the folder you wish to duplicate is located in a Shared drive, you can use the premium version of Copy Folder. Subscribing to G Suite Tools Premium also gives you access to the entire set of premium Tools such as Change Owner and Drive Permissions. Find more details, including the pricing, here.