Modified 07 November 2019 by Ian Weatherhogg

Avoid having to find your Drive tab to create new Docs/Sheets/Slides/Drawings – simply create bookmarks, if you know the right URLs…

For a quick way to create a new document, spreadsheet, presentation or drawing save a Chrome bookmark or desktop shortcut with these URLs:

New Google Document:

New Google Spreadsheet:

New Google Presentation:

New Google Drawing:

Instructions to add individually:

  1. show the Chrome toolbar (ctrl-shift-b)
  2. right-click to Add Folder…
  3. drag the blue links above into the new folder, one at a time.   

Alternatively import this New Files bookmarks folder we created for you:

  1. Download the file New-File-bookmarks.html
  2. Goto to Bookmarks Manager (ctrl-shift-o)
  3. On the Organise drop down select the Import bookmarks from HTML file… option
  4. Locate and Select the Import the New-File-bookmarks.html file
    - This will create a new Imported sub-folder containing the New Files folder
  5. Click/Drag to relocate the New Files folder onto the Bookmarks bar