Modified 18 March 2020 by Eugen Plesa

You may already be using Drive for collaboration on specific files. For ongoing collaboration, Shared Drives is a central place where you and your team can access the same files. The files can be managed by certain members of the team, or by your IT provider.


Create a shared drive


What’s the difference between My Drive and Shared Drives?

My Drive - Files or folders created here are owned by the individual and there can only ever be one person who has ownership.

Shared Drives - Shared Drive files belong to the team, instead of an individual. Even if members leave, the files stay put.

Here’s a breakdown of the access levels:

  • Manager - Can add/remove members. Can add, edit, move and delete files.
  • Content Manager - Can add, edit, move and delete files.
  • Contributor - Can add and edit.
  • Commenter - Can view and comment on files.
  • Viewer - View only.

Shared Drives can be enabled by an Admin. The Admin can choose whether Shared Drives will be created centrally, or if end-users can create them.

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