Modified 07 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

If you are using Priority Inbox in Gmail, you'll be used to your email divided into sections. This tip shows you how to customise your inbox to add a label as a section.

Labels are a really useful feature in Gmail, allowing you to label emails for a particular department or project and adding them to a folder-like menu structure on the left of your screen. With this tip you can also quickly add a label as an email section, so that emails with the label appear within your Priority Inbox. You can only do this once, there is a maximum of 4 Prioirity Inbox sections.

To add a label as a Priority Inbox section:

  • Click on the down arrow next to the 1 of X email count in the top right of your Important and unread section
  • Choose Add new section - a section labelled New section will appear in your Priority Inbox
  • Click on the down arrow to the far right of this New section
  • Choose More options...
  • Select the label you want to use for this new section - the name of the section will change and email with the appropriate label will now appear in the new section
  • Note, since this is Priority Inbox, any important email won't appear in the label section as it will already be in the Important and unread section.

You could use a section like this to temporarily track email from a particular client or project, a filter could label the email coming in and make sure it isn't set to important - then any email received would show within a particular section.

Check out the screenshots above for our step by step guide. Let us know what you think about this tip, and share your uses for it in the comments below.