Modified 08 November 2019 by Vicki Rayner

Connect G Suite to your favourite workplace Add-on apps using the quick access side panel

The side panel gives users quick access to Calendar, Hangouts, and Keep from an embedded side panel in G Suite. The side panel is now open for third-party developers, including apps such as Copper and Smartsheet.

Once your organisation is in the beta program, you’ll be able to install G Suite Add-ons.

Here’s how:

  1. Click the “+” button in the G Suite quick access side panel
  2. Select the add-on you want to feature in your side panel
  3. Click install

The G Suite Add-ons you install will appear in the side panel across your G Suite apps and help you complete entire workflows without the need to switch back and forth between multiple apps.

If you’re not already, Express interest in the G Suite Add-ons beta