Modified 29 October 2020 by Eugen Plesa

Did you know that you can have an infinite number of variations for the same email address?

Gmail ignores any word you add after a plus sign in your address (before or your company domain) so you can basically have an unlimited number of email addresses, all using the same Gmail inbox. For example, if your email address is [email protected], emails sent to [email protected] will still arrive in your inbox.


How is this useful?

You can use the same email address to manage both personal and business accounts for online services. Just add +1 after your usual email address (before or your company domain) and voilà, the service provider sees it as a new address, even though it’s connected to the same Gmail inbox.


You can also set up filters. For example, you can create a filter for the emails sent to YourEmail[email protected], and they will be automatically labelled Social Media as soon as they arrive in your inbox.

Do this with newsletters or other subscriptions to keep your inbox organized.


This trick works for both personal Gmail accounts ( and Google Workspace users who have set up custom domains.