Modified 23 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

Gmail has recently introduced a new way to compose emails. We look at reasons why you should switch to it and not look back.

We love the new Gmail compose. Here’s a few reasons why.

Multitask with ease

With the new compose experience your email opens in a window right on top of your inbox. You can open as many windows as you need while viewing relevant information from other messages. The top bar of the compose window allows you to maximise the window - to full screen if you wish - or minimise it and keep draft emails open for as long as you need. All in all, it’s a multitaskers dream!

Easier to add recipients

The new compose improves the way you add recipients, start typing and the auto complete kicks in, selecting that person creates a recipient box that can be dragged and dropped between the To, Cc or Bcc fields.

Cleaner compose experience

Be honest, how many emails do you write that actually need some form of formatting? Not many, right? The new compose hides unnecessary formatting options. You can get to them when needed by clicking on the A icon. You ‘ll find all the usual formatting options, including indent and quote options - which are now under the Align dropdown.

Integrated with Google Drive

The new compose is also tightly integrated with Google Drive. Click on the attachments paperclip icon and select the Drive icon to open up an insert window. Simply choose the file you want to insert and a link is automatically added to your email. Gmail will even warn you if you are sending a link to someone who can’t view the file.

Replies are handled too

Using the new compose, when you click Reply you’ll see the cleaner compose experience here as well. And clicking on the Reply icon (top left) offers options including changing the email subject and editing in a pop out window.

All your old favourites

The new compose has everything you need from the old one - there really is no need to look back. In the More options (down arrow icon, bottom right of the window) you’ll find Read receipts, Canned responses (if both are enabled), Print, Spell check and even an option to temporarily switch back to the old compose if you really need to.

New keyboard shortcuts

The new compose brings with it some new shortcuts - check out our updated Gmail keyboard shortcuts tip for the full list - such as:

  • Ctrl + Enter - Send your message
  • Ctrl + k - Insert link
  • Ctrl + b - Bold
  • Ctrl + Shift + 7 - Bulleted list
  • Ctrl + Shift + 8 - Numbered list

Change is good, but can take some getting used to, the new compose is well worth your time and effort. Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below.